Occasionally on a Sunday afternoon you are invited to attend a Sunday Artist Salon in Pasadena, CA.  We gather to receive the gifts of a Radiant Soul, someone who has chosen to express their passionate energies through the creative arts or through their work in the world.  After their sharing, we continue with a group discussion of their creative process and the role of passion as a creative dynamic in their experience.

We celebrated a young man who overcame the environment of his younger years to become an amazing visual painter, with his own creations of art on canvas, and community art on walls and in public building environments.  His art was displayed throughout the Salon, where we could witness his pain, his longing, and his joyous moments.

Another Sunday we celebrated a singer, who brought her voice into the community of Los Angeles through a career of teaching music to children, while at the same time earning her PhD in vocal performance.  She gifted us with the songs that bring her into her Radiant Soul space, and carried each of us in the audience with her into our own Radiant Soul.

Sharing the spotlight was another musician, a pianist who brought with her the spirit of joy as she and our singer created music together.  Our pianist has had a career of teaching her instrument to young and old, and augmented her teaching career by entering public education as an elementary classroom instructor.

The spirit of music lives in both of these women, and they are not who they are without the opportunity to share their art.  And so it is also with our painter.  These amazing people have found their way to bring their gifts to us, and they can’t help but do so.  They give much of their art to others for free, yet they have also found a way for their artistic gifts to support them.

During the Salon afternoon, we hear their stories of becoming the artists they are.  We ask them how it feels to be able to express themselves passionately through their gift, and what their creative process is like.  They speak about their experience giving, receiving, sharing, relating to their audiences, and their aspirations for the future.  Such meaningful and heartfelt discussions moves our audience to deep-felt sharing of their own radiance.

We look forward to these Sunday Artist Salons. You will be notified of these and others events through my Blog and your email.