Welcome to the Magical Mystical World of I Ching Drumming!

Wishing you had a quick fix in the morning to wake you up for the day?
Don’t want to drug your body with caffeine?
Too early to get your body exercising?

I Ching Drumming is just the thing! All you need is 2 minutes, a drum, sticks, or your own two hands. It’s a simple, fast, and fun way to wake up your brain and tune up your body. Try this for yourself. You can experience the benefits from the first day.

  • Feel alive and awake in only a couple of minutes of drumming the I Ching.
  • Lighten your body and clear your brain.
  • Nurture your soul with a meditation in sound.
  • Enjoy your sound bath each morning. Harmonize your body and spirit.
  • Free your body and mind to work together for a great day!

Cross the Generation Gap!

Drum in your own quiet time, or create a together moment with your family and friends. You may find that you become better in tune with each other in the process. Drumming crosses the age and time barriers of generations. Kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy this together, and develop a team spirit.

Unplug from Life’s Demands!

When drumming solo, you might find yourself unaware of space and time. It is you, the drum, and the I Ching Music that capture your attention. It brings a breath of fresh air to your foggy brain, a chance to loosen up your stiff body. Put your worries and concerns behind for this time, and come back to them refreshed, perhaps with a whole new perspective. awhile to go for presto (very very fast)!

Making Fun with Music

And the best part is that it is fun. Enjoy the challenge of being able to reproduce the rhythms perfectly, and hear the sounds of the drum. The more you practice, the smoother and faster you can play it. Start first at adagio (very very slowly), as all musicians learn to do. Then enjoy allegretto (quick and light). It’s energizing once in awhile to go for presto (very very fast)!

Tap into the Wisdom of the Ages

As you drum, you are crossing paths with ancient Chinese wisdom found in the essence of the I Ching Book of Changes itself. Its philosophy was integral to the teachings of Confucius and LaoTsu, and over thousands of years it has served as a key to understanding the nature of human interactions. The art of Fung Shui was directly derived from the patterns of the I Ching, and it is still used today to guide us in the organizing of our homes and businesses, and in our personal pursuits.

The I Ching Drumming Course

You will be drumming the rhythmic patterns of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching in various configurations. This course consists of 7 drumming practices, challenging you to a new level with each advancing lesson. You decide the time and place, and you decide when you are ready to advance to the next practice. They can all be done in 7 days, one a day, or you might spend a week with each practice, deepening your experience and understanding of each practice as you progress through the week. You can select different practices each day, depending on your inner sense of what seems most satisfying at that moment.

If you are interested in working more with the I Ching philosophy, suggestions are given as to how you can integrate its wisdoms into your drumming practice. You are also invited to meet the ancient masters of I Ching with your own intuitive understanding.

Let Go and Laugh

It can be meditative and refreshing to practice the course by yourself. And, when you would like company, invite another to join you. It is a great exercise to do with children, and is suitable for sharing a quick adventure with someone special in your life. Laughter is the key when all focus is lost and you enter the world of chaos! Engage your imagination as you drum, and ask the deeper questions of “How is this so?”.


My intention is that you will really know and enjoy these practices. If you need further assistance to understand any of the practices, send me an email with your phone number and three good times to call you, as well as a description of the place where you are stuck. I will coach you personally via phone or Skype until you fully master that practice.

Come join the party as we celebrate life through the I Ching and its rhythms. 


Diane Eisenman

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