You have arrived at the Radiant Soul Salon, a place to go when you need to find your way back to your true self and what is important to you.  The Radiant Soul Salon is dedicated to nurturing your inner beauty, surrounding you with music, color, art, wisdom, guidance, and laughter.  Here you can find peace, free from the everyday demands on your time and energy.

We offer you a quiet space to unplug and listen to your inner guides and teachers, and your own Spirit.  You can find a safe haven here to rebalance your priorities and focus on manifesting your desires.  And when you join a course or attend a Salon event, you will find companionship with others moving along a similar path.

Our Radiant Soul

We come into this world as an individual Soul to experience life, to learn and grow in wisdom and unconditional love.  From lessons learned through our life’s adventures, our Soul can shine brighter and brighter, becoming a radiance of light, because we have allowed our pure Spirit to shine through us.  It is our nature to want to unite with our Spirit, as we originally were.  Thus we repeat our journey over and over until we once again find our spiritual home.

You can recognize Radiant Souls walking amongst us by their amazing presence.

  • They carry themselves with courage, grace, conviction, and compassion.
  • They know who they are and what they are about.
  • They create an aura of peace around them, which we all feel.
  • They are creative, giving, and purposeful, engaged in living their lives authentically.
  • They light up the room when they enter.
  • They have a conscious connection with Spirit, which guides them always.
  • They are totally at one with their path in life.

What Is the Radiant Soul Salon?

In our Salon, we assist you to bring your body, emotions, mind and Spirit into alignment with your vision so that you can move forward.  We offer a toolbox of experiences in the arts and in conversation so that you can tune in to the messages and guidance being broadcast to you every day by your Spirit.  Your Soul becomes more and more radiant as you reflect the new synergy between your Soul and Spirit, a powerful partnership that will propel you to success.

Our Salon

This is why the Radiant Soul Salon is so important to me, and this is why I felt it was vital to create a place for you to retune to your Spirit so that your soul can radiate your inner delight, live in harmony with your Spirit, and focus your energy to achieve your very best. Radiant Soul Salon is here to be your resource, your support, your inspiration and your motivation to meet the growth challenges life brings.  I am very excited to share with you the resources that I’ve found to be most effective in helping me discover and nurture my becoming a Radiant Soul.

Get Acquainted with Our Toolbox

Check out the menu at the top of this page to discover all of the incredible tools we offer.  Choose from an array of artistic endeavors – including music, dance, writing, drawing and painting.  Perhaps you would like to sharpen your imagination, improve your ability to stay in the present moment, or learn to deepen your inner listening skills.  Through the coaching programs, the courses and the live events, you can choose what skills you would like to improve, and choose the learning style that works best for you.

Take a look at the yellow section on the Home page often, which highlights a featured coaching session, online course, and live event.  And be sure to schedule your 20-minute complimentary Strategy Session with me to create a plan for fulfilling the promises you have made to yourself.

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Our website is indeed a work in progress.  You will frequently find more new tools as I continue to share what has helped my soul to radiate.  As is said often by one of my teachers, Abraham, we are meant to be always incomplete, creating more life.  I wish for us to continually grow our radiant light, so that our Souls will shine brightly in our world. If you have questions or comments as you discover and use the tools of the Radiant Soul Salon, please contact me! I am so excited for your visit to our Salon.