Hi, I’m Diane Eisenman

Hi. I’m Diane Eisenman, founder of our Salon, a place to come when you need to find your way back to your true self and what is important to you. Learn here how the resources of the our Salon can serve  you.  Get answers to the Why, What, Who and Where questions you might have.

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Our Spirit, Our Best Friend

Recovering Our Natural Radiance

As seen in a newborn child, we each come into our bodies with a sense of trust, love, wisdom, and a connection to our universal source. A baby’s smile can light up our world. This joyous radiance is always available to us, but somehow in our growing up and loss of innocence we forget that part of ourselves, and the resources we have available through our connection to the greater Universe.

Our Spirit, Our Best Friend

I call this original nature our Spirit, for indeed when we as Souls are living congruently with this nature, we are radiating love and light in the world. And it is this Spirit that walks within us through our entire lives, ever faithful and wanting us to be the joyful radiant Soul that we were meant to be. It is our Spirit who is our best friend through life. Our Spirit is our companion, guide, teacher, counselor and lover.

Connecting with Our Spirit

To really master our lives is to learn how to access this part of our selves, hear our Spirit's voice, and trust in our Spirit’s wisdom. Discovering the voice of our Spirit brings amazing results. As we find our voice, our Souls:

  • Develop confidence in our own body, thoughts and emotions
  • Foster strong, loving relationships
  • Create a vocation filled with passion and excitement
  • Understand our highest purpose, and
  • Forge a powerful bond with our God.

Times Have Changed

We Used to Feel More In Control of Our Lives

There was once a time that I felt in control of my life.  Time moved slower.  The day was divided into clearly defined segments.  We went to work, sat down to meals, talked on the telephone, watched TV, read a book, shared family time, enjoyed watching each others' accomplishments, and attended movies and parties together.  Each activity had its assigned time and place.

Old Structures Have Disappeared

But now these structures are gone.  Boundaries between activities are disappearing.  We work anywhere and any time, eat while we work, spend hours being entertained or working by ourselves on the internet, talk by texting and emailing, read by surfing, take stay-cations, and socialize mainly with our own peer groups. Calling someone a “friend” does not necessarily mean spending much time with him or her.  In fact, we may not even know that person except through a few words on a social media site.

Multitasking Is the Norm

Multitasking has become essential, it seems, in order to get everything done.  I almost never talk on the phone without checking emails, making my bed, or doing at least one other task.  A moment ago I was writing these words, watching a movie, and enjoying some yogurt.  Not an unusual scene for any of us.  The demands on our time have grown – managers and employees are expected to do the job that two or three people used to do.  Others hold two or three jobs in order to make ends meet.

For Parents, Responsibilities Are Increasingly Challenging

Demands on parenting have also hit new highs.  Homework assignments for children have gone from 1 hour a night to 5 and 6 hours.  Childhood has become skill-oriented at the expense of play, and parents are charged with the task of seeing that their kids receive all the learning opportunities available, in addition to helping them get staggering amounts of homework completed each night.

We Are Experiencing New Levels of Stress and Overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm have moved into our lives because the lifestyle boundaries that held us in place are now disappearing.  It is urgent that we take time to balance our lives and get retooled in order to survive in this chaotic world.  If we don’t, we will suffer the consequences, a diminishment of energy and our will to live.  Our bodies were not designed to take such strain and tension, and will give way when being pushed to extremes.

Tending Our Souls

Now Is the Time

This is why the Radiant Soul Salon is so important now, and this is why I feel it is vital to create a place for us to attend to our Souls so that our Spirits can radiate their joy through us.  At the Salon our Soul learns to release and let go, surrendering to Spirit, and finding peace again.  The Radiant Soul Salon is here to be your resource, your support, your inspiration and your motivation to meet the greater challenges life brings.

Find Fun and Effective Resources Here

I am very excited to share with you the resources that I’ve found to be most effective in helping me discover and nurture my becoming a Radiant Soul.  I invite you to wander through our site and find the tools that will work best for you.   Our website is indeed a work in progress.  You will frequently find more new tools as I continue to share what has helped my soul to radiate.  As is said often by one of my teachers, we are meant to be always incomplete, creating more life.  I wish for you to continually grow your light, so that your Soul will shine brightly in our world.


If you have questions or comments as you peruse the Radiant Soul Salon website, please Contact me.  I look forward to hearing your reflections.