for A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons 1-50
Reflections, Colorbook, and Journal

by Diane Roy Eisenman • Images by Deborah Riva

This Companion Journal accompanies your study of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Workbook Lessons 1-50, as you learn to see the world through the eyes of God. In this journal, each section begins with the actual ACIM Lesson published in 1975, followed by Diane’s reflective thoughts as she searches her skeptical and holy mind to find meaning in each teaching. Next is Deborah’s pen and ink drawing of her little sprite for you to color, created to lighten your way, and give you space to absorb and remember the lesson in images.

The last page is yours to spontaneously record your thoughts and insights from practicing the exercise, sometimes revealing wisdoms you might not even know you had! Please join us for this happy crazy adventure to Love.

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A Radical New Approach to Purpose,
Passion & Profit

Are you among the millions of entrepreneurs awakening to a new, conscious model for business success? A model centered around you finding the “sweet spot” in your business that blends purpose and passion with profit?

Conscious Entrepreneurs holds many of the answers you’ve been looking for. Inside this book, 47 conscious entrepreneurs reveal their personal stories, strategies and successes so you can experience your highest and best success, too!

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by Diane Eisenman

There is nothing like taking a trip to a new environment to help you shift out of your old perspectives into a place of renewed appreciation for life. God is with us all the time, revealing the amazing secrets of the universe every moment of every day. But how often do you pause to listen and take in those magic moments?

My journey to France and Switzerland becomes a template for seeing Spirit’s presence everywhere, and recognizing the joy and surprise that each moment opens to my awareness. Delight with me in the immense teachings of each and every experience presented in this amazing gift called life. Enjoy the richness and contrasts of our history and traditions, along with the sense of new self discovery as we climb to the mountaintop, or enter an ice cave.

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